NumBee is the Future of Painless Dental Anesthesia Delivery


For the Patient

      • No Needle, No Injection – great for pediatric patients, patients with bleeding disorders and any patient who has a strong fear of needles.


      • Localized Anesthesia – numbness is confined to the tooth the dentist needs to work on, eliminating the need for infiltration or block injections.


    • Limited Soft Tissue Anesthesia – the discomfort of numbness in the lips, gums and cheeks with soft tissue anesthesia is a common complaint among all patients.  Using NumBee, most patients do not experience soft tissue anesthesia and the side effects that can be associated with this discomfort after the dental procedure is completed.

For the Dentist

      • Anesthesia Onset – NumBee allows for rapid onset of anesthesia and dental work can begin immediately after administration.  Procedures can be completed faster, allowing for more time in the schedule to see additional patients in a day.


      • Anesthesia Duration – The duration of anesthesia with a PDL injection using NumBee is comparable to an infiltration. Longer duration can be achieved with stronger formulas of anesthesia.


    • Innovative Design – NumBee’s patent pending design prevents damage to the ligament or the cementum of the tooth through the use of an atraumatic tip, rather than a needle. Less post-operative pain associated with the injection reported.